Palm Springs Video

It is surprisingly simple and
inexpensive to create a video
similar to the programs on
this page
Above: The first sales promo for
The Coachella Valley Community
Report, a weekly television News
Program we produced for Time
Warner. It aired twice daily from
February 2000 to 2008 when it
evolved into a County  Gov.
News Report. We plan to revive
CVCR in trhe Fall of 2010.
Left: The first in a series of five
30minute Infomercials we
produced for LA Weight Loss.

The programs aired in  Portland,
Bend, Las Vegas, Minneapolis -
St. Paul, Albuquerque, Panama
City and  selected cities in
Right: The Coachella Valley
Grape Harvest was produced
for a company that
manufactures cooling
equipment that flash cools
produce to extend its storage
life up to 8 months allowing
price stabilization throughout
the year.

This video was created for
under $500 and was used as a
Visual Presentation in the
Middle east with live voice
overs  in several languages.

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